Industrial Park NG (IPNG) is an innovative place for developing industrial business in
It is located in the southwest part of Bulgaria, five kilometers away from the Struma
international motorway connecting Bulgaria’s capital city to the sea port of
Thessaloniki, Greece. Railway infrastructure with a suitable freight terminal is
available in the vicinity of the park. The facility is situated 40 km away from Sofia, the
capital city of Bulgaria and it is close to several medium-sized cities – Pernik (78 342
inhabitants), Dupnitsa (44 988 inhabitants) and Kyustendil (136 686 inhabitants).
The following production enterprises in different economic sectors operate in the area:
– one of the biggest heavy machine tools factory in the Balkan peninsula –
Chervena Mogila, village of Chervena Mogila;
– a veterinary pharmaceutical plant – Vetprom AD, town of Radomir;
– a pharmaceutical company – Actavis, town of Dupnitsa;
– metal works – Stomana Pernik, city of Pernik.
– Sofia – West Airport, to the village of Kondofrey (3.2 km long, with landing of the
largest passenger and cargo aircraft)
The city of Kyustendil is located in a major cherry growing region of the country.
The industrial park covers an area of 50 000 sq m. The plot faces south and it is suitable
for the construction of various industries or logistic facilities.
IPNG will provide and build the facilities needed for business operations:
– 18 000 sq m of roads and service sites to serve the whole industrial park;
– water and sewerage network;
– electric distribution network;
– gas supply.
IPNG will provide all the documents and permits for the construction and
commissioning of your investment.

It will assist you in the selection of a building company to carry out the works at
preferential prices.
The infrastructure will be maintained with a 15-year warranty period.

The choice to work with IPNG will save you € 1 300 000 which would otherwise be
needed to build the road and communications infrastructure. You will have the
opportunity to construct a new building designed to meet the needs of your business
instead of refurbishing an old one. You can hire staff in a region where the average
wage is lower than that in the capital city. Furthermore, you will conveniently save time
from the administrative procedure of obtaining the requisite documents and permits
from central and local government authorities.
IPNG offers you three investment options.
1. IPNG transfers you the right to use the facility for a period of 15 years, with the
option of re-signing for another 15 years.
2. IPNG will build a building suitable for your business and let you rent it for 30
3. If you want to own land, IPNG can sell you property of an appropriate size for
your investment intentions.